Anna Gustafsson Chen


She entered Stockholm University in 1985, studying Chinese language and Chinese Literature under Goran Malmqvist. She competed her doctors program with thesis about the sociaties during 5.4 period in China and earned a doctorate in Chinese language and literature from Lund University in 1997.
After graduation, she worked in Stockholm International Library as an administrator, as she holds a Master degree in library administration and was given the Prize of Outstanding Library Administrator by the Swedish Institute in 2008.
Chen began to translate chinese literatures at the end of the 80’s and has translated works of Su Tong, Mo Yan (the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature winner), Yu Hua, Han Shaogong, Hong Ying, Ma Jian, Chen Ran etc. and the English works of Qiu Xiaolong and Ha Jing. She has translated more than 30 literature works. Because of the outstanding translation, she was given the Prize of Literature Translation by the Swedish Institute, and because of this, she was called the rising start of sinology in Sweden, and became the main force of chinese literature translation after Göran Malmqvist.
Further more, Chen has translated more than 20 childrens literatures in non-europian languages and got twice the Prize of Childrens Literature of the Swedish Institute.